Web designer and front-end developer on a mission to make the web better. You can quote me on that.

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As well as static design elements and imagery, I create interactive and animated items using my knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Here are a few examples:

Run and Jump mini-game prototype

Animated fairytale scene (JS and CSS3)

The Designmark blog

Having used open source graphics packages for a long time in my work, I undertook the challenge to create a tutorial-based blog promoting and demonstrating their capabilities, which would give back to the online community that helped me learn this new skill. I began writing articles in 2010, creating guides for Inkscape and GIMP - the two graphics applications I have learned inside-out down the years - and since then have received thanks and requests from other users around the world. As part of the open source community, I love sharing my knowledge and taking the opportunity to write and publish my own take on how to produce whatever graphics are trending at the time using free software. The blog's front-end is hand-coded (no borrowed templates here), powered by a PHP-based back end CMS which I use to write and publish the articles.

Visit the Designmark Graphics blog

The Designmark blog

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A little more about my background. I am a designer and front-end developer born and raised in North Staffordshire, and I own and run Designmark Graphics.
The thing is, I haven't been doing this forever. I spent a long time studying Physics before I caught the internet bug and began learning how to design web banners for forums and adverts.
I'm largely self-taught, but do have a dash of formal education as well as several years' experience working in the field too, meaning I've got the technical expertise coupled with an original approach.

I love to design professional websites and all the artwork that goes with them, as well as designs and layouts for printed stationery, which I can get great rates on for my customers. To complete the essential, core web skillset, I've learned Javascript and can now say I'm proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and JS. I'm also skilled at writing and editing copy so if you need someone to write the words to go with the code and images, I can help with this too.