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Design a detailed flip calendar in Inkscape

Easy Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 01 Aug 2014

Here's a tutorial requested by a Twitter follower, in which we'll learn how to design a detailed flip-page calendar in Inkscape. Using just a handful of tools and some clever low-opacity fills, we'll add depth and subtle lighting to the piece, and explore different types of gradients in a tutorial packed with useful tips. Read on to see how it's done.

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How to create detailed vector traces in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 21 May 2014

We'll be using both GIMP and Inkscape in this crossover tutorial, in which I'll show you a great technique for achieving quality vector traces of bitmap starting images. Taking an initial photograph we'll make some clever adaptations to set things up ready for Inkscape to work its bitmap tracing magic. There are plenty of handy tips in this tutorial, so read on to find out more.

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Create a grungy flag design in GIMP

Involved GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 02 Apr 2014

A grungy flag tutorial for GIMP

This messy tutorial will show you to make the most of GIMP's layer blending modes to combine stock art and custom brushes to create a heavily textured flag design full of interest and impact. We'll deal with importing images and organising your work with Layer Groups, so get stuck in with this guide and learn some really cool tricks.

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Design a music player app interface in GIMP

Involved GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 02 Jan 2014

This in-depth GIMP tutorial will show you how to create a striking and professional music player app interface from scratch. We'll learn a ton of stuff about layer groups, blend modes, scatter brushes, grid alignment and the text tool. I've written this tutorial in the hope you can learn lots of useful and powerful techniques all at once, so read on to find out more.

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Illustrate a metallic padlock in Inkscape

Involved Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 02 Dec 2013

Illustrate a shiny metallic padlock in Inkscape

When readers contact me with requests for work or blog tutorials, I like to help. Here's a great Inkscape tutorial which will show you how to draw a detailed metallic padlock in Inkscape. We'll be using some cheeky tactics for simulating curved gradients, plenty of path operations and clipping masks. Read on to find out how.

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