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Create long-shadow icons for Flat Designs in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 26 Nov 2013

If you've been keeping up with web design trends in 2013, then you'll be aware of the Flat Design phenomenon which has emerged as the most popular of approaches to image creation and inclusion in responsive design. This Inkscape tutorial will show you a simple and adaptable process for easily creating long-shadow icons - one of Flat Design's natural developments. Read on to see how to do it.

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Create a retro or vintage photograph using GIMP

Moderate GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 29 Oct 2013

In this GIMP tutorial you'll learn how to take an existing image and turn it into a vintage photograph by applying a sequence of techniques to alter its colour, light and texture. The result will be a manipulation reminiscent of photos taken in the 1960s which have weathered over time. It's a great and popular effect, so find yourself a photo and let's get stuck in.

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Free resource - Pixel Pattern Pack for GIMP

Free resource GIMP

Posted by Mark on 30 Jul 2013

Here's a great, useful resouce for busy GIMP designers everywhere: I've created a set of tileable pixel-patterns which are super-easy to use and will give you some interesting choices for your backgrounds and overlays. They're free to download and use in your personal and commercial projects, so get them while they're hot!

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Draw a shiny cartoon bomb in Inkscape

Involved Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 21 Jul 2013

This explosive Inkscape tutorial will take you through the steps needed to create a shiny cartoon vector bomb illustration. Starting with the Ellipse tool and working our way to Live Path Effects we'll create a shiny bomb shape, before adding and lighting the fuse. You might want to step back in case it goes off!

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Draw a cute, chubby cartoon sheep in Inkscape

Easy Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 10 Jul 2013

In this fun little tutorial we will put together some basic shapes to create a cute illustration of a chubby sheep in Inkscape. We'll discover some simple but useful abilities of Inkscape along the way too. How can you resist that little face? Let's go and learn how to draw him!

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