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Free resource - 960 pixel web design templates (SVG and XCF)

Free resource GIMP Inkscape

Posted by Mark on 29 Jun 2013

A special treat for my blog readers and subscribers: I've created a series of 12 and 16-column grid template documents for use in GIMP and Inkscape, which you can download free and use as a tool for your next website design projects. They've all been designed around the 960 pixel grid system to make starting out on a mockup easier and faster, just for you.

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Draw a rippling chequered flag in Inkscape

Involved Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 18 Jun 2013

In this advanced Inkscape tutorial you'll learn how to create a splendid chequered flag with a slight perspective tilt. We'll start by creating a square pattern of rectangles, then a sequence of distorts and extensions to form it into the end product. Some parts of this tutorial are a little tricky, but my systematic guide should show you some useful tips if you're familiar with Inkscape's basic tools and want to extend towards something more challenging.

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Create 3D curled arrows in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 28 May 2013

3D graphics can be hard to produce in Inkscape if you're not au fait with the different methods and tricks that are sometimes needed, so here's a short tutorial which will show you how to create a simple curled-up effect on an arrow shape and give it a chunky, 3D appearance.

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Draw a colourful sticky note pad in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 16 May 2013

This tutorial will show you how to illustrate a pad of sticky notes using our favourite open source and free vector image editor: Inkscape. I'll show you some simple techniques for cutting and manipulating shapes, as well as applying gradients to create a bright and colourful result you can (metaphorically) stick to your screen for later on.

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Create bold, glinting text in GIMP

Easy GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 29 Apr 2013

Learn how to create a bold piece of text with a bright background light bloom in this straightforward GIMP tutorial. We'll be looking at some easy but versatile layer blending techniques and GIMP's built-in filters to create a bold, back-lit piece of text with lots of contrast and a powerful result.

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