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Ten-minute tip: Create a ripped paper effect in GIMP

Moderate GIMP Ten-minute tips

Posted by Mark on 22 Apr 2013

This Ten-minute Tip will show you a simple way to give a straight-edged shape a ripped paper effect using GIMP's built-in image editing tools. We'll use some customised brush settings to produce an uneven edge and get a great result really quickly by overlaying a texture image too.

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Draw a worn, printed ticket using Inkscape and GIMP

Involved Inkscape GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 17 Apr 2013

Learn how to combine the power of Inkscape and GIMP to create a vector punched ticket with a worn or distressed finish. We'll start by creating the ticket shape and details in Inkscape, before borrowing GIMP's editing abilities to export a texture image that will transform our design. Does that sound good? I think so, so read on to find out how to do it.

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Create a vector water droplet in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 29 Mar 2013

This Inkscape tutorial will teach you how to use the Ellipse tool and some cunning gradients to create a see-through water droplet that you can use over any background. We'll learn about setting up gradients to give the illusion of shape to an object, and see how to add subtle but effective lighting to objects at low opacities to add the transparent magic.

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Create a sparkling text piece in GIMP

Moderate GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 25 Mar 2013

In this extended tutorial we'll be creating a distinctive text piece with a colourful, soundwave-style background and sparkling text. We'll blend the background and text together to create a strong image which includes resources imported to GIMP, then filtered with some simple layer-blending. You should learn some useful techniques from this tutorial, so read on to find out more.

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Create jagged, dripping text in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 18 Mar 2013

Typography is definitely one of Inkscape's strong suits. This tutorial will show you how to manipulate some text in Inkscape and give it a rough-edged appearance, with a viscous-looking ink-drip and puddle, while keeping everything in vector form. Sound like something you want to try? Read on to find out more.

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