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Create flowing light streaks in GIMP

Moderate GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 11 Mar 2013

Creating intense and eye-catching light streaks in GIMP is not something which is straightforward to do, so I've written this tutorial to show one method of achieving this lovely and striking effect. Read on to find out how.

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Draw a detailed pencil in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 25 Feb 2013

Learn how to draw a detailed vector pencil in Inkscape using basic shapes and some powerful techniques to simulate light and shadow to give it an almost 3D appearance.

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Draw a snow-covered piece of text in GIMP

Involved GIMP Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 23 Feb 2013

Learn how to create chunky 3D text with an icy feel in GIMP, and top it off with some soft-looking, lumpy snow. We'll also be creating a wintery night-time background for our text, so there's lots to learn in this in-depth tutorial.

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Draw a bright web sticker in Inkscape

Moderate Inkscape Tutorial

Posted by Mark on 22 Feb 2013

This tutorial will take you through the steps to create a brightly coloured sticker icon using Inkscape. We'll mainly be using the Star, Ellipse and Text tools for this project, and finding out how to put text on a curved path to fit the curvature of our badge too.

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About the Designmark Graphics Tutorials

Posted by Mark on 20 Feb 2013

Learn about the layout and content of the tutorials on the Designmark blog in this article. I'll tell you what to expect from them and how to see at a glance how difficult they're going to be, so you can make sure you're getting the most from your time reading the blog.

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